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You’re an expert in your field – and we’re experts in e-learning. We will turn your knowledge into professional online courses that you can share and sell online, anywhere in the world. Transforming your content into high-quality courseware, hosted on our online training platform.

Our product: A one-stop shop for all your custom online learning needs. Anything online learning, we got you covered.

Who are you?


I am inquiring on behalf of myself.
I would like to create and/or sell an online training program.


I am inquiring on behalf of an organisation. I would like to create online staff development programs.


I would like to digitise my face-to-face training programmes and sell them online.

Our process

  • Design

    One of our instructional designers, alongside you or your subject matter expert, will structure your course content to best achieve your specific course needs and objectives while optimising the online learning environment. Visual text, scripts, course order, simulation, assessment and quiz design - we've got you covered.

  • Digitise

    Once the course is designed to your specifications, it moves on to be digitised by our team of gurus. Here your content is turned into the type of media it was designed to be, being a diagram, animation, video, audio and presentations. High-quality user experience is a priority here, to maximise the learning effectiveness while always captivating the participant.

  • Deliver

    The course is ready for your learners to enjoy! It will now be delivered to you via the platform of your choice. So if you would like us to fully manage your training programme on our own custom platform, or if you would like us to optimise your program for the sale and management on another platform, we do it all. Get in touch with us today and we will help you find the perfect path for you.

E-learning has arrived

E-learning isn’t just the future of education and commerce. It’s already here, and individuals and businesses around the world are acting fast to take their content online. Are you ready to jump on board?

It’s time to share your passion – and make some money from it, too! You’ve invested a lot of time and capital into developing your skills, and Nyou is here to help make that investment pay off. Online courses offer more than just the opportunity to share your knowledge with others. By owning your own online course, you have access to an incredible source of passive income: every time someone purchases your course, you’re making money at no personal cost or effort. That means less time stressing over income, and more time out there doing the things you love.

Your consumers can be anywhere in the world and can access your course anytime, which means that you could make money from your course for the rest of your life.

South African Academies!

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We’re a proudly South African company, and want to do our part to make quality online courseware available to students and the workforce across the country. That’s why we’re making it fast, easy, and affordable for South African training centres and universities to take their content online. With our guaranteed low rates, you could see a 100% return on investment in less than 15 purchased courses – and we can have your first course up and running in less than a week.

  • E-learning course designed and digitised with your content
  • Live reporting on all your trainees progress and performance
  • A full-service, 24/7 training partner to manage your online course platform
  • Personalised tools to boost your online presence and sales

All we need from you is your subject matter and an overview of your audience, so we can optimise your course with them in mind. From there, we’ll develop a fully mobile-friendly course with video, audio, text, images, gifs, quizzes, and more, to keep participants engaged no matter where they are.

And because managing your online training portal can be frustrating and time-consuming, we’ll handle it for you. With our LMS Partnerships programme, we’ll provide full support to your delegated training facilitator & students, including managing enrollments and making any updates or changes to your course content. And if you’re selling your courses, we’ll give you tips and tricks on marketing your course and will even manage your online payments, so that people can purchase your courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – without any extra input from you.

Our promise

Your passion is important to you, which makes our work important to us. We want to help you deliver your knowledge to the world in the easiest, fastest, and most effective way: online. We believe in functional learning over content saturation. That means we will use innovative learning strategies to build you a holistic course that includes lectures, practice, assessment, and reviews; a type of nyou learning, as it were.

We understand that choosing a vendor is a big choice and that everyone has different tastes, so we promise to work side by side with you until your course looks exactly how you want. We’re excited to create a course that best suits your content and your style.

– A proudly South African company, serving a global clientele –

Other Services

Virtual Events

Planning a live online event or webinar?
Let us do the heavy lifting.

Interactive E-learning
Content Development

We’ll take your idea and make it a reality.
SCORM and xAPI-compliant content creation.

What our clients say


From day one, NyouLearning have been accommodating and very professional and have given me lots of advice.

I put forward to NyouLearning that I would like my working at height training done for an audience that could do this training program online.
The outcome of the final training program that was drafted and put into action by NyouLearning was exceptional and well structured, our training program Is more than likely one of kind, and is thanks to NyouLearning making my dream become a reality.

Dylan Evans the CEO and all his staff make you feel welcome and its like you part of their family, I would highly recommend this company based on the quality they produce and its cost effective.

Keith Cook

OHSA Health and Safety Consultant

I was very excited to learn all the new things and all the courses were exciting and very professional.

At first I was scared but the trainer made me comfortable. Thank you NyouLearning.

Deborah Daniels

Education is power! This Covid awareness course by NyouLearning is very professionally presented, with the necessary facts one needs to know regarding Covid.
Excellent idea to have all your staff complete the course.

Christa Coetzee

The level of service received at Nyoulearning is exceptional. The facilitator, Bonita is very professional and always helpful. In all aspects, communication is excellent. I would definitely recommend Nyoulearning services to anyone.

Anshaaf Adams

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