Optimise your training with Nyou

There are countless benefits for an academy or training provider to take their training programs online. Taking your face-to-face training programs online does not have to be a daunting or costly task. NyouLearning exists to make this new development in your business a seamless one.

You can leave the entire process of course digitisation, platform and student management, student support, enrolments and reporting of your online training program to us at Nyou. Your courseware will be delivered to you and your students on our sleek mobile-friendly training platform and learner management system. You don’t have the hassle with setting up and managing your own platform as we manage your entire online learning experience for you.

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Here is how it works

NyouLearning | Get in touch

Get in touch

Interested in taking your training online? Let’s chat! Click ‘Book a demo’ below or visit our contact page to fill in our short inquiry form. One of our Client Success Managers will assess the best way forward based on your organisation’s specific training needs. They’ll give you an estimate for the time it will take to develop your course.

NyouLearning | Design


Once you give us the green light, your personal Nyou instructional designer will get to work on your course. They’ll collaborate with our team of digital and subject matter experts to begin designing your course, integrating any existing content you have.

NyouLearning | Digitisation


Once you approve the course blueprint, our development team will work their magic. This is when we produce the media for your course, including animations, voice-over, simulations, and assessments.

Nyoulearning | Delivery


Your course is now delivered to you, ready for use. But our services don’t stop there. Take advantage of our support team for program and platform management, learner onboarding, reporting, and more.

NyouLearning | Marketing


Now we need to spread the word. A good sales strategy is fundamental to the success of an online course. Our marketing experts are equipped with the latest strategies so we can help you reach customers anywhere in the world.

NyouLearning | Maintenance


Continue to take full advantage of Nyou’s dedicated support team for platform management, course updates, customer assistance, and more.

Some of the benefits

A taste of what we can do for you.


Your students and assigned academy training facilitator will have the ability to communicate directly through the platform to discuss course content and progress.


Your academy training facilitator will have access to live progress and performance reports of all their students directly from the platform.


We guide our academy partners with their online sales and course marketing techniques and even allow online purchases and automatic enrolments on our platform so you can sell courses any time of the day and night.


We bring this to you at a fraction of the cost of any other providers while maintaining the highest quality of service.

Let us do the grunt work!

Setting up and managing your online training portal, especially for a large academy, can be frustrating and time-consuming. So let us handle it for you! After setting up your course on our portal, we’ll provide full support to your trainees, manage enrollments, maintain your platform, provide live reporting, and handle any updates or changes to your course content – with no extra work for you.

Why e-learning?

Online learning is revolutionising how we learn. Everyone learns differently: some speed through training while others need repetition and thorough explanation; some learn best from written content while others prefer video or audio cues. The capacity for self-guided training online lets each employee personalise training to their schedules and learning preferences, making lessons more impactful and enjoyable. That also means they’re back to work faster, utilising their new skills for more productive output. And since today’s workforce is increasingly dominated by people who grew up with the internet, social media, and podcasts, they’re hardwired to learn better with interactive, virtual content.

Nyou’s courses are maximised for focus and high retention rates, using integrated simulations and frequent assessments so it’s easy for you to track your trainees’ progress. Instant, up-to-date reports and immediate support from our team of digital experts make administration a breeze. With Nyou, all training is standardised on a single user-friendly platform, which ensures that all training is consistently of a high-level, without mistakes or inconsistencies. And because training can be done anywhere, anytime, you can finally say goodbye to those costly, time-consuming training conferences.

Why choose Nyou?


Course creation made easy​

Our full-service support team is here to make every step of course creation quick and easy for you, delivering your courseware in industry-leading time.


Science-backed learning

Our e-learning courses integrate the leading behavioral and learning science to optimise both retention and enjoyment.


User-friendly platform

Nyou’s platform maximises both back and front-end user experience and is all managed by our Nyou team of professionals.

What our clients say


From day one, NyouLearning have been accommodating and very professional and have given me lots of advice.

I put forward to NyouLearning that I would like my working at height training done for an audience that could do this training program online.
The outcome of the final training program that was drafted and put into action by NyouLearning was exceptional and well structured, our training program Is more than likely one of kind, and is thanks to NyouLearning making my dream become a reality.

Dylan Evans the CEO and all his staff make you feel welcome and its like you part of their family, I would highly recommend this company based on the quality they produce and its cost effective.

Keith Cook

OHSA Health and Safety Consultant

I was very excited to learn all the new things and all the courses were exciting and very professional.

At first I was scared but the trainer made me comfortable. Thank you NyouLearning.

Deborah Daniels

Education is power! This Covid awareness course by NyouLearning is very professionally presented, with the necessary facts one needs to know regarding Covid.
Excellent idea to have all your staff complete the course.

Christa Coetzee

The level of service received at Nyoulearning is exceptional. The facilitator, Bonita is very professional and always helpful. In all aspects, communication is excellent. I would definitely recommend Nyoulearning services to anyone.

Anshaaf Adams

Feel free to look at one of our one-click courses we developed to help South Africans during the COVID-19 pandemic, where we had 8000+ participants successfully complete the program.

We look forward to making great courses with you!