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Adobe Acrobat DC 101

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Adobe Acrobat DC is the most popular software one can use to view, create, manipulate, print and manage PDF files. However, a majority of users only scratch the surface of what the application can offer.

This course, created with materials provided by Adobe themselves, teaches you all the basics you need to know to get the most of Acrobat DC, as well as some techniques for more experienced users.

Key Concepts Covered in this Course

Course Details

Course Duration

Approx. 2 hrs

Course Price

R650 (R800)

Course Level


Course Description

This course takes you through all the functionality of Adobe Acrobat DC. Each lesson has a video and downloadable practice files, in addition to a wealth of knowledge provided through traditional e-learning means like text and images.

The course is split into two sections: Beginner and Experienced. The Beginner section looks at your basics and covers the functions of the software that you’d use the most in everyday life – such as editing text and images in a PDF, adding sticky notes and other annotations, and creating PDFS with Microsoft Office, for example. The Experienced section delves into more advanced techniques, such as turning paper documents into searchable PDFs, organising pages, and removing sensitive information.

Key Features

Course Content

  • Support
  • How to complete the course

  • Get to know the UI
  • How to create PDFs from text and image files
  • Create PDFs from Microsoft Office
  • Edit text and images in PDF files
  • Add sticky notes and other annotations
  • How to sign a PDF
  • How to combine files into a PDF
  • How to extract pages from a PDF
  • How to split a PDF file
  • How to export PDFs to Microsoft Office formats
  • How to password protect a PDF
  • Simulation: Beginner Simulation  

  • Share a PDF file for commenting
  • Request a signature
  • Add and organise pages in a PDF
  • How to remove sensitive information from PDFs
  • Turn paper documents into searchable PDFs
  • Work with PDFs on mobile devices
  • Edit PDFs on mobile
  • Simulation: Advanced Simulation

  • Feedback
  • Wrap up

Get the most out of the highest-rated PDF software to date​!

This course covers all basic and advanced functionality