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Everyone should have the opportunity to take part in and benefit from our increasingly technological world. That’s why the NyouLearning development team created this course that delves into a Google account to equip you with all the tools and knowledge you need to join the Google generation on your smartphone. We look forward to having you train with us.

Key Concepts Covered in this Course


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This was the only course I found that covers everything you need to know about Google accounts. Full of knowledge, and easy to follow.

Nathaniel Mokone

Course Details

Course Duration

Approx. 3 hrs

Course Price

R70 (R350)

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Course Description

This course takes you step-by-step through creating, operating, and optimising your Google account. The course is broken down into 9 sections, with a total of 15 lessons. At the end of the course, there is a quiz you’ll take to earn your certificate.

Google has a lot to offer you in both your personal and professional life. In this course, you will learn what Google does, some of the features and benefits of a Google account, how to create and operate your account, how to keep your account secure, and the differences in using your account on various platforms like your mobile phone and desktop computer – among many other things!

Our course is designed so that you can put your knowledge into action right away and start enjoying the benefits your Google account.

Key Features

Course Content

  • Welcome to your course
  • Navigating the course

  • Who and what is Google?
  • Some of Google's applications
  • Demonstration of using a Google account

  • How a Google account can benefit you

  • What you will need to register an account
  • Creating a Google account - step by step

  • This is what Google offers you

  • An Interactive Conversation

  • Your account across platforms: What's the difference?
  • Benefits of syncing and backups

  • Security on your Google Account

  • What else is there to learn?
  • Bonus: Course cheat sheet

  • So what did we learn?

  • Course feedback
  • Let's practice

  • You're done - congratulations!

Student Reviews

I want to thank you and your company from the bottom of my heart for giving us opportunity to do this course. Everything was laid out in detail and explained 100% for us to understand. Even my daughter understood it as she watched it with me. Thank you NyouLearning for giving us the opportunity.
Robyn Bengtson
NyouLearning Student​
What a pleasant and helpful learning experience. The person's voice kept my attention all the time. Thank you.
Anke Bothma
NyouLearning Course Participant
Extremely helpful and I enjoyed the learning experience. Keep it up!
Lynel Farrell
NyouLearning Course Participant
This was the only course I found that covers everything you need to know about getting started with a Google account using your smartphone. Full of knowledge, and easy to follow.
Nathaniel Mokone
NyouLearning Student

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