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Microsoft Teams 101

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Microsoft Teams is a hub and collaborative platform for a team or organisation which provides them with the tools to be more engaged and effective. Teams brings together everything a team needs: chat and threaded conversations, meetings and video conferencing, calling, content collaboration through Microsoft 365 applications, and the ability to create and integrate apps and workflows that your business relies on.

This course will take you through each feature Teams offers step by step so that you can fully utilise what it has to offer. 

Key Concepts Covered in this Course

Course Details

Course Duration

Approx. 2 hrs

Course Price

R650 (R800)

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Course Description

This course takes you through all the functionality of Microsoft Teams. Each lesson has a instructional video in addition to a wealth of knowledge provided through traditional e-learning means like text and images.

The course is divided into multiple sections, each with its own set of lessons that focus on a certain aspect of the program. You’ll look at creating and editing teams, collaborating with Microsoft apps, uploading files, using apps and tools, start chats and video calls, attending live meetings, and managing meetings, among many other things.

Key Features

Course Content

  • Support
  • How to complete this course
  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams

  • Get your team up and running
  • Create a team with templates
  • Guide for team owners
  • Organise your teams list
  • Navigation simulation

  • Overview of teams and channels
  • Create and use private channels
  • Show and hide channels
  • Work in channels
  • Work on a file together
  • Send email to a channel
  • Channels simulation

  • Use Planner in Microsoft Teams
  • See your Planner schedule in Outlook calendar
  • See Planner tasks in Microsoft To Do
  • Export a plan to Excel
  • Planner simulation

  • Create and format a post
  • Post a message to multiple channels
  • Get attention with @mentions
  • Save a post or a message

  • Upload and share files
  • Find and filter files

  • Start and pin chats
  • Make calls
  • Hide chats, delete messages
  • Set up a delegate to take your calls

  • Plan and schedule a live event
  • Produce a live event
  • Attend a live event
  • Moderating a Q&A

  • Join a Teams meeting
  • Tips for Teams meetings
  • Create instant meetings with Meet now
  • Meet in a channel
  • Manage meetings
  • Show your screen during a meeting
  • Share PowerPoint slides
  • Move around during a Teams meeting
  • Meetings simulation

  • Use apps
  • Turn a file into a tab
  • Use the command box

  • What is Shifts?
  • Shifts for managers
  • Create a Shifts schedule
  • Shifts for Firstline workers

  • Walkie Talkie
  • Use the Tasks app in Teams
  • Tasks for managers
  • Tasks for Firstline workers
  • Communication and Praise

  • What is Approvals?
  • Create an approval
  • Create an approval from a chat

  • Filter your activity feed
  • Manage notification settings

  • Start a chat on the go
  • Create a channel on the go
  • Join a meeting on the go
  • Activity feed on the go<
  • Manage notifications on the go

  • Sign up with a Microsoft account
  • Sign up with a Gmail account
  • Join an existing Teams
  • 5 things to do first
  • Invite people to Teams free
  • Upgrade from Teams

  • Feedback
  • Wrap up

Get the most out of one the best chat-based collaborative platforms!

This course covers all basic and advanced functionality